Meditation Has No Method

She told me that she does Vipassana meditation. These words are strange. There are so many things we should understand about meditation. Is meditation an act? Act means a kind of process or method. A method in which we have to do something. And why there are so many types and names of meditation?

When we follow a method, it means direct ourselves into a fixed direction. We control our thoughts; we suppress and discipline our thoughts to follow a fixed method. Remember, when we follow a method, we are not allowed to choose any other method while doing one method. So when we control our mind and body, we follow a certain pattern to do a special task. This special task modifies our thoughts, changes the movements of thoughts. It is same like a person commands a computer program. It is totally mechanical. By repeating again and again these methods of meditation, our mind conforms a certain kind of habit. It is still within the field of thoughts, even more narrow, more limited.

It is so much ugly. A mind cannot understand anything with this boundation. After doing a lot of practice, by control and suppression of thoughts, by following fixed methods, a mind conforms a different kind of mechanical pattern, and it improves a habit of following this pattern by long practice.

Those who follow certain kind of methods of meditation are not able to understand my words. In this process our mind becomes so much narrow. Wisdom cannot be touched by practice of any method. Method makes our mind dull and suppresses our intelligence. Mind loses its nature of creativity. Wisdom is a fragrance of intelligence and can only be touched through freedom. Thoughts are always limited. Thoughts cannot understand the vastness of wisdom.

All methods of meditation are just a waste of time and mind. All methods of meditation are totally opposite of meditation.

4 thoughts on “Meditation Has No Method”

    1. Life does not go in one direction and no one can learn the art of living through any method. An action of method is superficial because it has its roots in a motive. It exist only because of any kind of achievement. So it changes the whole phenomena. This is really dangerous.

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