Problem of Expression

Words are not able to explain anything. One can see a river. One can see the river with one’s whole heart. One can use thousands and thousands words to explain the river. One can create poems about the river, beautiful songs about the river. But all those poems & songs are only a collection of dead words. River is totally different thing. River is flowing, moving, vital, living, wandering in many directions, full of energy but words are only a collection of alphabets. River is not the words.

The words which are not able to explain the river completely, how can they explain which is inexpressible. How can words explain the truth? The truth, which is untouched by all the thoughts. This is a great problem for the one. Is there any solution for this problem?

Words are so much tricky. Every person has his own meaning for every word. When one writes a word “God”, the reader has his own idea, concept, meaning about that word. If thousand persons are reading that word, then every person has his own idea. It simply means all the persons are reading their own ideas through that word. It is really funny but true. How can one express oneself with the help of words, if every word has thousands meanings. Ordinary words have single meanings but the words which are most useful in expressing the insights, are distorted completely. All the words like Love, God, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Intelligence, Peace etc are completely polluted. One is not able to express oneself with the use of all these polluted words.

Every word contains an idea. If we talk about the words like God, Truth, Peace etc then every person has a different idea about these words. Due to all these pre-defined ideas, the communication has become almost impossible. All these ideas are old ideas. All these meanings are old meanings. These are all past. When the reader’s mind is full of past, full of knowledge, knowledge which is accumulated from many sources, full of chattering, full of his own beliefs, how can he understand which is totally new? With the past, you can understand the past only. But truth is new always. If you will look into truth with the eyes of past, you will able to see only the past, not the Truth which is in present moment. This has become a problem.

This problem arises so many questions. How can a mind which is totally bound by old ideas, old concepts and old beliefs understand the thing which is totally new? Is it possible?

You are reading a new article. A completely new article. An article which is untouched by past concepts. You are reading that new article with the help of past ideas. You interpret the meanings of words of that new article in old pattern, in old ideology and in old system. How can you understand the thing which is new in that article? It simply means that you are reading always old. You are reading always dead.

The same problem goes on with writer too. Writer has no new words. Writer has to use the old words always. Writer knows something new but he is not able to explain that new in old words. And if he does so, then it becomes a strange metaphor. It becomes an expression which points at nothing.

This is only a small problem which is only on outer level. This problem is only on surface. But there are so many complex problems which are on inner level.

Think about it. How can one understand the “New” with the help of the “Past”? If one is looking at the “New” through the glass of “Past”, what is one looking? Is it possible for one to empty oneself completely, so one can see the “New” as it is? God, Love, Peace, Truth etc… all words are so much polluted by the past knowledge.  How can one use these polluted words to explain the purest?

Thank you.

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  1. i happy that u shared this with.the problem that lies within many writers is that they try to find a particular or an appropriate situation or moment to should understand that every moment should an don't have to wait for a situation.

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