Are We Interested In Truth?

We are inquiring into a question that are we really interested in truth or we are searching something else? So we will talk about the different aspects of this question. It will help us to understand the reality in more dimensions.

Our mind has a quality to follow happiness all the time. Not only happiness but immediate happiness. Our mind seeks comfort. Not only in one direction but in all the directions. All activities of mind, all desires or imaginations of mind are operating in the desire for comfort. This quality is not just a habit, but it a fundamental nature of mind. The whole progress of mankind, whether it is in the field of technology or it is in the field of psychology or education, the mind has been operating within the desire for comfort. Whatever we can see today in the name of invention or discovery is a byproduct of this fundamental nature of mind. Do you understand this? May we put a question, can a mind which always seeks comfort, pleasure or happiness is able to find out the reality as it is?

We don’t know what truth is but we have concepts about it. Concepts mean general ideas. We are living in misery, conflict or confusion. We have been going through all kinds of sufferings for millennia. Whatever we know does not give us satisfaction. All kinds of accumulated knowledge or technologies are not able to make us free from all the sufferings. We have a hope in the name of truth, truth which is unknown. It is unknown so we have so many beautiful ideas about it. We have an idea that truth will make us free from all the sufferings, from all the miseries. We have an idea that truth is the source of all the pleasures. If we think deeply, these are not two ideas but one. We don’t know truth but we assume that truth is most powerful and can liberate us from sufferings. We don’t know truth but we assume that truth can provide us immeasurable pleasure.  And as we have discussed, our mind has a fundamental nature of seeking pleasure. Is this nature of mind forcing us to think in this way? Mind is seeking pleasure. Is this constant search for the pleasure creating an illusion about truth which is not in our knowledge? Is mind’s nature of seeking comfort distorting the reality of truth?

Look at the whole phenomena. Mind seeks comfort. Whole accumulated “known” is not able to provide comfort. Mind knows that there is something “unknown”. So mind has a hope in the “unknown”. Mind knows that there is no pleasure in “known” so it is searching for pleasure in the field of “unknown”. Do you understand? Mind has given so many names to “unknown” like god, truth, peace, love or enlightenment etc. Mind has so my many beautiful concepts about every name. Yes, mind does not know any of these things. Mind does not know about truth, peace, love, god or enlightenment etc. We always create concepts about unknown things. Are there any concepts about the known things? No there are not. So we don’t know truth and we have created beautiful ideas about it due to nature of seeking comfort. Is it? Do you understand? And we are running after these beautiful ideas. Whether all these beautiful ideas are shadows of our desires? So can we say, are we chasing our desires in the name of truth? Is it?

I am not trying to deny anything. I am just trying to think into this matter with a different approach. I am trying to think in more dimensions. This is pure inquiry without making any kind of conclusion. This is inquiry to increase the capacity to learn more efficiently, to see the old things with a fresh vision. We are suffering and someone tells us that there is something “unknown” which can provide us immeasurable pleasure, and we immediately start chasing that “unknown” thing without thinking about anything.  So please think about it. Think deeply into this question that what we are seeking in the name of truth, god, love, peace or enlightenment etc. Why are we chasing all these things? Are we chasing our desires? Whether all the beautiful ideas about truth are valid or just a shadow of desires? I don’t know what it is. But let us find it out.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Are We Interested In Truth?”

  1. Mind is always play with person , Mind search new ideas of happiness !!! Also imagine always how type of truth ,Truth seem to be this, that . And in this way life (Body life ) is over without understanding , Question is that which ideas pick by lord Buddha as he reached stillness !!!

    Can anybody assured us for that truth ?

    1. Your question is that which ideas picked by lord Buddha as he reaches stillness? Understand this question first. Mind comes to stillness when it does not choose or pick anything. Mind comes to stillness when it has no choice. So there was no idea in Buddha's mind as he reached stillness. It is simple.

      No one can assure you for the truth. If someone assures you then he is making you a fool. Truth is everywhere but we are not looking into it because we are caught up in our own knowledge, desires, concepts etc. Look into this process and it will make you free, and this freedom will bring the truth to you at its own. But everyone is running in wrong direction.

    2. I am really sorry for replying you so much late. It is because your comment was considered as a spam by web security. Now I have changed the settings for your email id, feel free to comment now. Thanks.

      1. Every one running in wrong direction !!! Are we say water running wrong direction? never,then how we assum to running wrong way ?I understand if i want to go on journey, then i will start with my leg!!! What the last thing see by budhha and his journey over !!!!!

        Thanks !!! feel free for answer !!!

            1. Look into this question. What one wants through meditation? What one wants through spiritual practices? If you are trying to find out something, what is that particular thing? And why have you invested all your energies in it? Think about it.

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