There are so many things which are necessary to understand and discuss but before going into them we must understand the concept of thought. Without knowing what thought is, it is impossible to understand other concepts, it is impossible to understand the reality. This will become a long series of posts in which we will discuss about Thoughts, Love, God, Intelligence, Enlightenment, Meditation, Reality, Truth, Illusions, validity of Me and Mine and all other concepts.

Now, what is thought? Can we explain the meaning of thought? According to Oxford Dictionary, thought means something that we think of or remember. Yes it is right, something that we think of or remember is a thought, but the question is here that what can we think of or remember. Think on it for a while and find out the answer. When you will find out, you will know that you can think only about what you already know. You can remember only those things which are already in your memory or already in your knowledge. It is impossible to think of or remember a thing which is not stored in your memory, which is not in your knowledge. So we can say that thought is a response of knowledge.

Now, what is knowledge? Knowledge is information which is stored in our memory. Whatever we see, hear, touch, experience, feel, learn, understand is stored in our memory. What kind of knowledge a person has is based on in which country he takes birth, in which religion and culture he lives, knowledge of his family and friends, customs of his society, the books he read, education and all the rest of it. So every person has a different kind of knowledge. Every person has his own concepts and ideas about life. Every person has his own likes and dislikes. Because all these ideas, concepts, likes and dislikes are his thoughts which are completely based on his knowledge. So we can say all stored information is called knowledge and our thoughts are completely based on this knowledge.

Now, is there any perfect or complete knowledge? Thought is always operating in the field of knowledge. We cannot think about the unknown. And it is certain that knowledge is always limited because there is no perfect or complete knowledge. Knowledge has a very small area in which it exists. Knowledge is always limited therefore our thinking is always limited. It does not matter how many books you have read, how many places you have travelled, how many planets you have discovered because knowledge has its limit. You can never attain perfect knowledge. It is impossible. Perfect knowledge is impossible because whatever we came to know becomes past immediately. But life is not past, it is in present. Life is not a dead thing, it is moving. So it is obvious that there is not perfect knowledge.

We will go deeper into this concept. We will discuss about the nature of thoughts, its place in our life and why it is extraordinary important to understand it in next posts.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. "All stored information is called knowledge and our thoughts are completely based on this knowledge" is a reasonable & appreciable remarks on the definition of 'Thought'.

    "We cannot think about the unknown" but we think, we think about the unknown in comparative way only on the basis of previous knowledge to identify the situation. But our previous knowledge is a trap to get something new and it supersedes the new thought . If one can able to wash out previous knowledge or get success to supersedes the power of previous knowledge, then only new thought appears and it will be the first steps towards the enlightenment.

  2. I am waiting for your next post. Please explain why thoughts come and specially on that time when I try to concentrate on my books (i don't want to think about my boyfriend, lol 😀 ) and is there such any method to think outside the area of knowledge…

  3. Mind is just bundle of thoughts !!! Nature have made ultimate arrangement for human being just for entertainment ,Thoughts arises from heart, because these are by product, Nature will human being through medium of thoughts will be return back to myself , Human will be think about who i am ?

    Unfortunately nature also presented the senses,the small type of happiness glimpses,And forgotten all !!!!

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