Have We Accepted War As a Way of Life?

This article is a discussion about the way of living. It does not matter that how should we live, but what matters is how are we living. “Should” is just an idea. So ignore this superficiality of ideas and concepts. Let us find out that what actually exist. A writer should create an environment, an outline of the thought which he wants to share with the reader. But for this discussion everything is so much clear and I don’t think it is necessary to make an outline.

We read newspaper every day. We watch news on television and on internet too. We look outside through the window. We know what is happening everywhere. This society, this whole world is full of violence, war, brutality, insanity, madness, sorrows, aggression and the rest of the things. But are we really aware of all these things? What are we doing to make a change? If we are not doing anything about this serious problem, then it simply means we have accepted this war. Isn’t it? Do you understand it is a matter of either accept or change? If you say that you don’t accept this war then a question arises, what are you doing to change it? This is not a matter of being agree or disagree, it is a fact. And the logic is as simple as ABC. There is no other way, either you can accept or you can try to change. Don’t follow my words but inquire yourself that what are you doing. I am sure you will know the answer.

War is not merely a concept of battlefield. It is a constant conflict within us. It is a constant struggle, both inwardly and outwardly.

We have accepted war as a way of life. Or I should say we have accepted life as a way of war. I think these both thoughts are same. We have accepted war, violence, hate, jealousy, envy, greed, aggression, causing enmity in another, as the natural way of existence. We have accepted this whole structure of society. We have given our consent to this structure. Do you understand my words?

We listen to so many masters. We read books about peace. We talk about the Buddha. We talk about the Jesus. We post quotes about peace and love on our Facebook walls.  These all thing are good for amusement, these all things are good for entertainment, but not enough to bring an order, to bring a change in the society.

Many people spend their whole time in doing meditation. They sit in a corner, with closed eyes, resting one hand on other for hours. Meditation has become only a method of amusement, only a mean of entertainment. But what happens when they open their eyes, world is same as before without any change. This is not meditation. Meditation demands a great deal of intelligence and a pure quality of seriousness. This kind of meditation will not help to solve the problems.

Many people spend their whole time in temples, in churches. They do prayers to God to bring peace. We have to understand that peace is an absence of War. And war is an invention of mankind. War is manufactured by us. It is of no value to pray to some outside force for peace. We have to find out the fundamental causes of war. We have to find out the fundamental causes of conflicts. Until those causes are altered, the war will exist.

Merely listening to a few words, or accepting a few ideas, or following a few concepts, or doing meditation, or doing prayers will not solve the problem at all.

So the question is here. Have we accepted war as a way of life? Have we accepted sorrows and conflicts as a way of life? If no, then what are we doing?

5 thoughts on “Have We Accepted War As a Way of Life?”

  1. Nice post !!! Whatever happen in the world it may be positive or negative is combine thoughts result .Whenever any negative happen we will be aware and response for it or to be take as war.Unfortunately this is not happen as ,tendencies in mind that how myself to change the world ?

    We have seen combine movement of Baba Ramdeo, which has no more result ,Another example of Anna Hazare is also fruitless in every aspect of social life .

    1. Dear friend Raju, I really appreciate your insight as you mentioned that whatever happens in the world is a result of combine thoughts. Yes it is. Physically we all are different but psychologically we all have same consciousness. The content of consciousness of every person in this whole world is exactly the same or I should say is one. Every person is a story of whole mankind. Yes it is right.

      I have written this article to explain that how our mind is giving acceptance to war. It is not about change. Change is merely an idea or a concept. It does not exist on its own bases. But the matter is that have we accepted this war or not. The word change is used to explain the other side of mind which is based on pure logic.

      Once we know that we have accepted the war. It will compel us to inquire with a great urgency, with our whole existence of being. This inquiry is most important. So, change is not the matter but inquiry is.

  2. Fire is everywhere and everyone is merely aware about it but everyone of us are trying to protect himself/herself from this ….., thinking that he/she will be safe …it will destroy only others… . But seriousness of the problem can not understand without love for Nature & it is absent from human being since beginning.

  3. This war will not over until we know that what is out purpose in life. Why god has create us?
    Our utmost aim should be philanthropy and if we can’t do that then we have no right to be called human being. Budhha teaches us that we are the only cause of all sorrow but we fool think that we are the great problem solver. We can’t forgive, we can’t sacrifice then how come we are able to make peace.

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