What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a very common word. Everyone uses it in daily life. But do you know the meaning of this word. In simple terms Philosophy is a study of general and fundamental problems. Problems those are connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language etc. This is a very common definition for philosophy but philosophy is a really wide subject. It covers almost everything. Defining it in a few simple words it not a good thing to do because a definition cannot make a connection between you and philosophy.

Every person in this world has some kind of values by which he lives his life. You also have some value by which you want to live. Every person has a basic idea of what the world is like. Some people believe that there is a God who created this world while others don’t think in this way. Some people believe in souls or spirits while some others think that we are just complicated biological machines without any soul or spirit. It does not matter that what we think but what really matters is we “think”.

In simple words, if you “think” and have some “values” then you are some extent a philosopher already. You don’t need any degree or license from any university.

You can ignore the word philosophy but it is really hard to ignore the sense. Many people say that philosophy is useless and weird. But while making this statement they are also within philosophy. They have their own ideas and values and are just comparing these to others’ ideas and values. In a true sense this is also a philosophy. You can simply understand with this thing that philosophy is really close to us whether we are aware or not. But yes I agree that philosophy is some kind weird. It is weird because it comes with some new ideas and our mind is not able to simply understand and accept them. A new idea is good to understand. A good philosophy increases your power of imagination.

Just imagine about a world where all the people are doing their work without any thinking. In this way they are closing all the doors for knowledge, experience and progress. If we simply do all the things without being conscious about them, then there is no need of philosophy at all. But we are not just machines. We are far more than that. Consciousness is our most important virtue and philosophy appears with it. When we become a little conscious about why and how things happen then philosophy arises. With a systematic thinking process we develop experience and can do our work and live our life in a better way.

Philosophy is not just a subject that occurs in universities. It is our life. We think because we are. In a good sense, we are because we think. Philosophy deals with our everyday’s common questions like what should we do? how should we do it? what is there? If you have these questions in your mind than you have already joined the discussion.

There is no need to be afraid. You have an ability to think. You have curiosity and consciousness. Your intelligence does not need any permit. You are a philosopher already. Just start asking questions and find their answers. Thinking is a fun.

This is my effort to introduce a basic idea about philosophy. We will go further and deep with more articles. We will discuss more complicated and serious issues under this series.

Thank you.

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