Who Can Wear A Yellow Robe?

Dhammapada Verse 9

Anikkasavo damasaccena apeto yo kasavam

Vattham paridahessati so kasavam na arahati

(If a man’s thoughts are muddy, if he is reckless and full of deceit, how can he wear the yellow robe?)

Dhammapada Verse 10

Yo ca vantakasavassa silesu susamahito

Damasaccena so upeto sa ve kasavam arahati

(Whoever is master of his own nature, bright, clear and true, he may indeed wear the yellow robe)

The “Yellow Robe” is a symbol of purity in Buddhism. This robe is specially prepared for the monks. This robe is colored with the dye obtained from wild plants.

When a person is ordained as a Buddhist monk, he wears this robe and starts a new life of holiness. This robe is an important part of the Buddhist practice.

Only a person who is a master of his own nature can wear this robe. Only a person who is pure by heart can wear this robe. A person whose thoughts are muddy, reckless and full of deceit is not worthy of yellow robe.

The Holy Trinity of Buddhists are : The Buddha, The Dhamma and The Sangha. This yellow robe signifies the Sangha.

Now a question arises that why Buddha chosen Yellow color for this robe.

To know the answer of this question we have to understand the existence. The whole existence is made by two things: Life and Death. Yellow color represents death. Buddha emphasized death too much. Buddha emphasized the impermanence nature of all the things. People become more and more aware that this death will happen to them also. Nobody can escape from it.

This was Buddha’s approach to make people aware of Life.

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