What Is Love?

Love. This is one of the most beautiful words on earth. Just by thinking about this word, I feel kindness, compassion and happiness in my heart. But in today’s time so many people say that “Love hurts”. Most of the people say that “Love gives only misery”. People advise not to love. They say that, the more a person love the more he suffers. But it is not true.

There are so many types of love. The types of love are based on reference of love. We should understand each type of love first.

The so called love, people talk about, is just an another form of attachment, selfishness and greed. When people speak about love, they speak only about the love referred to their family, their friends, their caste and country. Their love is based on their own selfishness. Remember my words, if love has any reference then it is not love, it is just a form of lust. The nature of this kind of love depends on the concept of “me” and “mine”. This kind of love brings misery and suffering.

A Hindu loves only Hindu; a Muslim loves only Muslim; what kind of love is this? This kind of love is born out of attachment. This kind of love has no capacity to bring happiness to others. The whole world is dwelling in this kind of love; and only because of this there is no peace on earth. We have made pieces of earth in name of peace on earth.

Whole world is our home. Love should be extending to all the people. Love should be extend to all the living and non-living beings. True Love needs no reference. True Love does not know any boundary.

It is natural to love your own family, your own country people. But I just want to ask that what is preventing you from loving to the people of other castes, creed and nations. What is preventing you from loving to the people of other countries? Why your love is so much limited? From outside you talk about peace and kindness; from inside you are hollow like a bamboo.

You have a foolish assumption about your security. You think that security of your country depends on the insecurity of the other countries. You think that the prosperity of your country depends on the poverty of other countries. Everybody needs peace and non-violence; but it is possible only if you have a heart of compassion with no discrimination of caste and countries.

The politics of whole world is based upon this fake love. Politicians are taking advantage of your weakness. All the countries and religions of world are just another name of your weakness. Two countries hate each other; only by this hate they both exist. Two groups of two religions hate each other; only by this they both exist. If the hate disappears from everybody’s heart; countries will not exist; religions will not exist; whole earth will be one. The whole earth will be a home.

If you want to taste the bliss of love; you have to understand the true nature of it. Only by understanding it is possible. If you cannot understand somebody’s feelings, somebody’s sufferings; you are not a human; you are not able for loving.

In meditation, one advised to give attention on Breathing. Do you know why the berating is essential object of meditation? It is essential because it is the most common thing between all the living beings. Every living being breaths; and giving attention upon breathing one can understand the concept of relation between all living beings.

Love is the essence of understanding. Just meditate upon it.

6 thoughts on “What Is Love?”

  1. nice thought about love,,hope ur real thought is also nice,,,u r also a nice guy..god bless u,,,and help u to find a true love for as ur life partner….

  2. Yes, love is so beautiful..it depends us how to see about Love..if it's not based from lust, love is very beautiful and not hurts:D..Nice post:D

  3. Yes, love is beautiful..it depends us how to see about Love..if it's not based from lust, love is very beautiful and not hurts:D..Nice post:D

  4. All that you wrote is true, but times are changing in a way that i cant understand, Religions against Religions, Countries against Countries, most of the time without any reason. And later came the revange. Im realy upset about this matter. I have no religion, but im very touched with all that is happenning. Hope that what you are writting can get to the concsience of to many people, and understand that the future is among not against us. Tks for share, beutiful words.

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