Dependency Defeats Spirituality

Dhammapada Verse 7

subhanupassim viharantam indriyesu asamvutam

bhojanamhi ca amattannum kusitam hinaviriyam

tam ve pasahati maro vato dubbalam rukkham iva

Those who dwell on the attractiveness of sensual enjoyments, and live with the senses unguarded, and are immoderate in eating, they are slothful and weak in perseverance and will-power. Emotions overpower such persons as easily as the wind overpowers a weak tree.

Some people think that life is just a misery. They think that whole conclusion of life is misery. So they always try to avoid life. They always want to run out of this life. They want to give up this life. But this is not the solution. Either you accept or not, the life is always there. By avoiding it, you are just wasting it. Life is very precious. It is the only medium through one can know the truth. You have to go through the life to understand it. There is no other way. You cannot decline the reality.

Some other people think that life is just a pleasure. They always enjoy the life without knowing the miserable part. They have a false idea of permanence of life. Because of this, they are so much attached to it. They never look at unpleasant side of life. This is also an ignorance of life.

Misery and Pleasure are two aspects of life. Both aspects are interdependent. If you want to know the life, you have to accept it completely. If you are looking only one part and ignoring the other, you will never come to know the Truth.

Buddha never says that misery is only conclusion of life. Pleasure is also a part of it. Buddha says, live life completely but never forget the impermanence nature of life. If you remember the impermanence nature of life, you will live life completely but non-attached to it like a lotus in lake.

Living with senses is just foolishness. Senses have their own opinions. You are dependent on your senses and your senses are dependent on outside environment. This dependence will lead you nowhere. If you want to see the reality, want to see the things as they are, you have to be independent. It is not possible to know the truth through dependency. Because truth is not a conclusion of something, it is beyond all conclusions. It is the ultimate reason for all the reasons. Truth is incomparable, it needs not reference. You senses are in flux always because they are also dependent on outside environment. You cannot decide anything with the help of senses. Your every decision will be false. Your every decision will be in flux because you don’t have your own foundation for your decision.

Just come out of your senses. Don’t use the senses to know the truth. Truth is far beyond the limits of senses. Senses have a limit, but you are limitless. Drop the senses, drop the mind, and be conscious. For doing this, you have to go deeper and deeper in meditation. Meditation is the only way.

Food and Sleep are essential things for life. You cannot live without these things. But the more eating and more sleeping will make you lazy. A lazy person cannot practice meditation because meditation requires alertness. You have to overcome this laziness. You should control you eating habits. You should control on your sleep. Alertness, will-power and attention are very necessary to maintain the practice the meditation. Your laziness will drag you away from the path of meditation.

To know the truth, be more watchful, more alert, drop the senses, control you eating habits, control your sleep, increase your will power, accept the life at its total, overcome you laziness and go deeper in meditation.

Bless you.

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