You Too Shall Pass Away

Dhammapada Verse 6

ettha pare mayam yamamase na ca vijananti tattha

ye ca vijananti tato medhaga sammanti

You too shall pass away, knowing this, how can you quarrel?

1.      Impermanence and death is a reality of life. Nobody can escape from this reality. You can run but you cannot escape. Remember this.

2.      You don’t accept this reality. But if you accept and face this reality of death, your all quarrels will come to an end.

3.      Impermanence is an essence of Buddha’s teachings. You are suffering from life, because you are not accepting it totally. Death is also a part of Life. Life and Death are the same. But you are just accepting one part of life.

4.      The very first requirement for death is that you must be born.

5.      I am not saying that death is an end of life. I just want to say death is highest pinnacle of life. This is the top most moment of life. Without death, the life is incomplete. Experience of life is not complete without the experience of death.

6.      Pure watching is an art of looking the things as they are. But you are not able to do so. Because your emotions are in conflicts with reality. Your emotions drag you far away from truth. Whenever you think about death, you feel so much sad and helpless. You feel a great fear about it. Only because of this fear, you don’t want to think about death. You don’t want to listen about death. Death is a negative thought for you. So you always try to avoid it. Just accept this reality once with your whole heart and all fears will disappear.

7.      Have you ever seen a dying person, a dead person? Every death is a message for you that one day you will die too. You cannot escape from this. This will happen to you as it is happening to all others. Every death is a reminder for you of this reality. Accept it or not, but death will accept you one day.

8.      If you want to know the death completely, then live your life completely. Live your life with whole heart. Life is a part of death. But the life is in present, so you can know this part. Death will happen in future, so you cannot know the death. More and more you will know the life, more you will know about the death. This is the only way to understand the mystery of death. Once you know the life completely, you will wonder that death never happens as the way you think.

9.      Understanding the life and death is a kind of awakening. Life and death, both are opportunity for enlightenment.

10.  Every moment you are dying. Since birth, you are not doing anything, but dying. You are coming closer and closer to your death.

11.  Buddha says that once you know about this reality your all quarrels will come to an end. Not accepting the reality of death is a quarrel itself with life.  You are just going against with life. Once you merge yourself with life, once you accept life at its total, once you accept the reality of death, you will overcome of your nature of quarreling. All contradictions will disappear from your mind and your life will become a harmony with existence.

12.  Life is very short. Death can happen at any time. So please don’t waste your time in quarrellings. Don’t waste your time in fighting with life. Just meditate. Use your whole energy in meditation. Bless you.

I am completely agreed with Buddha. But I want to tell you something more. Please read my words very carefully otherwise you will misunderstand me.

Birth and death are two doors for passing from one life to another life. But neither birth is true nor death is true. Birth and death only happens to your body but you are far beyond your body. The person who don’t know this fact born again and again in different kind of lives and dies again and again. But once you know this fact you will die only once. You will never born again. You will get rid of this cycle.

There are two kinds of death. One is fake and other is true death. Fake death happens again and again but the true death happens only once. Fake death is just a beginning of new life. True death happens only to an enlightened person. When an enlightened person dies he never take birth again. But when a normal, an ordinary person dies, he take birth again and again. You can understand this thing by saying that Death happens only to enlightened persons. True death is last death.

This is an understanding of death only from this side. From the other side, a Buddha never dies. But this other side is something beyond of your mind. I don’t want to tell you something which you cannot understand. Just look the aspect from your side. There is no need to imagine that what happens beyond death. This kind of imagination will trouble you.

When the time will ripe, I will tell you about the other side too. Don’t get hustle.  Just wait silently. Just meditate on this moment.

Bless you all.

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  1. dear and divine….. good post…

    Birth is like start of the film , death is like end of the film , life is to watch the film to know your role and God's part.

    love all..

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