Happiness Follows The Doer Of Good

Dhammapada Verse 2

dhamma manopubbangama mano settha manomaya

ce pasannena manasa bhasati va karoti va tato

sukham nam anveti anapayini chaya iva

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow you as your shadow.

  1. The message that Buddha want to give you is not a simple message. This message is very special. So Buddha cannot give you this message in ordinary language. So Buddha uses His own language. And this is a big problem. You will have to understand Buddha’s words in His way. If you will use your ordinary meanings for Buddha’s words, you will misunderstand Him.
  2. Buddha’s experience is Divine. He cannot explain His experience in your ordinary language because there are no words in your language for that experience.
  3. When Buddha says “Pure Mind”, He means “No Mind”. Buddha want to use the word “No Mind” but there will be a trouble by using this word. Because you cannot understand the meaning of No Mind. Only for the sake of communication Buddha is using the word Pure Mind.
  4. Step by step you will understand that the mind is always impure.
  5. Mind is another state of fast asleep.
  6. Pure Mind (No Mind) is a state of awakening. It is a state when you are fully awake. It is a state when you are fully aware, in full consciousness.
  7. The word shadow is used for “By-Product”. Misery is a by-product of sleep. Happiness is a by-product of Awakening. Misery is a result of Unconsciousness and Bliss is a result of Consciousness.
  8. Meaning of Bliss is living life with full consciousness, full awareness. If you will speak or act in Consciousness, with Awareness, Happiness will follow you, Bliss will follow you.

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