First Step Towards Meditation

Recently I received this email from a visitor. I want to share this with all of you.


Respected master, I am doing meditation since 3 years, but it is not helping me. I can’t see any change in my being or in my existence. What should I do now? Please advise me only if you know.

– Joseph Brook

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Dear friend, I don’t know what kind of meditation you are doing. You should explain your method of meditation so I can help you in a better way.

Most of the people think that meditation is an art of concentration. But it is not right. Concentration is only an involvement with your mind, but the meditation is going beyond the mind.

Firstly you should notice that why you have started meditation? What you want to achieve through this? If you want to achieve something through meditation then it is not a meditation at all. Because your first step towards meditation has started with greed, a desire, a motive. Most of the masters (gurus) tell people that through meditation one will be the master of all the skills, will achieve great powers, will get everything that someone want in his/her life. And these words create greed, a state of desire in your heart. And that greed forces you to do meditation. Your meditation becomes a form of greed. Your meditation becomes a form of lust. This kind of meditation will not lead you anywhere because it is not a meditation at all. A meditation should be your love affair, not your lust. It should be a harmony with existence, not your greed. Now the question arises that how will you know whether it is a love affair or lust. It is simple. If you are enjoying the moments of your meditation then it is a love affair. If you are just dreaming about the future, about the benefits and motives of it, then it is only your lust. Meditation is a way to desire-less-ness. Desire is mind and no-mind is a state of meditation. A meditation cannot be rooted in motives. Meditation is a very simple phenomenon. Only a simple walk can be a meditation too. If a person walks only for walking, he doesn’t have a desire to reach anywhere, he simply enjoys his walking, then it is a meditation.

Secondly, you should notice that whether your meditation is attached with something or not. If your meditation is attached with something then it not a meditation, it is simple addressing. It becomes just a concentration. Concentration is attached to an object. It has a direction. But meditation is non-directional. Meditation has a quality of freedom in it. When a Hindu meditates he simply addresses The Ishwar. When a Mohammadan meditates he simply addresses The Allah. And this addressing links you with something unknown. It creates a limit of your existence. If your meditation is associated with any God, Deity, Religion, Organization or any Master then it is not a meditation. Religion is a conditioning of your mind done by society. Children can be taught meditation more easily because they are not yet spoiled. Meditation means the process of unconditioning the mind. You should not assume that you are a Hindu or a Mohammadan or something else. Because in reality you are not. Meditation is just a technique. For example, if we talk about Anapanasti method of meditation, everybody says that it is a Buddhist technique. Only because this technique is associated with Buddha, Hindus are trying to avoid it. It is neither Hindu technique nor Buddhist too. Buddha used this technique because this was already there to be used. I repeat that it was already there to be used. So don’t get confused about the addressing or associating the meditation with something. Meditation is purest form of existence.

Third, you should notice that are you controlling your mind or not? If you are controlling your mind then it is not a meditation. Meditation is a state of relaxation, watchfulness and non-judgment. Controlling creates tension. Controlling is an act of ego and ego is a huge part of your mind. So if you are controlling your mind then it simply means that you are using your mind. Meditation is a way to dropping the mind. You are constant in a fight with your own being if you are controlling. Meditation takes birth when all fights disappear. Your effort of controlling is barrier between you and meditation. Effort is a nature of mind. Your meditation has to be without any effort.

Fourth, the meditation is nothing to do with any mantra or any kind of chanting. Meditation is a pure watchfulness. It is purest consciousness. A child like consciousness. Meditation means you don’t have anything, any object to think about. You don’t have anything on which you can focus yourself, not a sutra, not a mantra, not any great value of life. It is just a pure space all around you. It is pure aloneness.

Fifth, you should notice that are you serious about meditation or not? Seriousness is a barrier. Remember this, never be serious about meditation. Meditation is a fragrance of innocence. A serious person cannot meditate. Just be playful. Just play with meditation methods and techniques like an innocent child.

Sixth, once you catch the neck of meditation, you will know that it is not an action. It is not something you do once and you are done. It is a continuous process. It is like a life style. It is like breathing. Once you got the right point of meditation and you will always remain in it 24 hours a day. Your every act will become a meditation. Every moment you will need it. In meditation, whatsoever you have attained will be remain with you forever.

Seventh, Remember that meditation can never be goal-oriented. If you are seeking the goal nothing will happen, meditation will be useless. Because seeking the goal is just a form of dreaming, living in future. Meditation is this moment, it is not in future. Put your whole energy into meditation. Right-awareness is the method of meditation. Meditation means alertness, a freshness, a constant wakefulness, not a single moment of insensibility. Meditation is the only way to discover your deathlessness but it needs patience.

Eight, when you walk on a plain surface, a plain road, you put your steps effortlessly. But while going upward on hill or stairs, you have to force yourself into that direction. It is a state of efforts. By understanding the difference between these two things, it will be simpler for you to understand the true meaning of meditation. Meditation is your nature. Going downwards is a nature of water. Water doesn’t have to efforts to go downwards. Just like that you don’t have to do any efforts to go with meditation too. Meditation is a process of unlearning. The thing that you have learned from society has bound you in a limit. Through watching inside with awareness will make you know that you are limitless. The universe is limitless, but our mind has its own limits. Because of this, our mind doesn’t accept this fact and always thinks that there must will be a limit of space and after that there must be an end. Meditation is an emergence between you and infinite. It will almost impossible to understand the meaning of my sense of using the word limitless, because it can only be understood by meditatior, who has dropped his mind with all it boundaries.

Meditation cannot be taught, it can only be caught. I am meditation. If you are available, you can catch it.


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  1. Nice taught bhiya ji but how can a person do meditation 24 yrs a day without relaxing…?? U r sayng meditation is gong beyond the limit but there r some limits set by the god how can we go beyond these limits..?? If it is possible then tell me how….??

  2. The technique of 24 hrs meditation is very good. But it is only possible if we have worked on contrast mind. Because contrast mind never want to die. If his roll once you understand. and you have worked seriousely on contrast mind i e to break the roll of contrast mind .Then 24 hrs of meditation possible steps by steps. It will be apply prviousely 10 mts to 30mts and then increase time.

    1. Meditation is not an act, it is a state of being, it is our nature. You are talking about dhyan/concentration/manoyog but I am talking about Sammasati/Anapanasti. There is a huge difference them.

  3. I'm trying to learn to live the moment and not worry about the future or think about the past and what I like about meditation is that its about the present and mindfulness. I really need to learn, so I have been reading. In readying your article, is it a good idea to make an alter for meditation, because you mention that mediation should not be linked to any God, Deity, Religion, Organization or any Master. I was advised to make an alter with the meditation Buddha and light an incense and candle.

    Thank you.

    1. Beloved Friend,

      Please don't follow the Buddha if you want to learn meditation. Buddha himself says that, App Dipo Bhava. Means be a light unto yourself. Buddha himself says that don't follow me. The only quality of Meditation is that it brings pure freedom to you, the ultimate freedom. Freedom from everything. Freedom from all the beliefs, attachments, fear, past, future, happiness, sorrows, good, evil, god, religion, country, name, identity and all the other things that you can think. Freedom from the mind. Freedom from the heart too. The ultimate result of meditation is freedom. So how can one bound meditation with any religion, any master or any other thing. If you want to learn from Buddha, don't be his student. Don't be his disciple. Just be a fellow traveler. Don't follow him, but travel with him. Learn from him, but don't faith on him. Listen his experience but cultivate your own experience in you.

      Dear friend, you are doing a great work. Please stay in contact with me. Discuss and share your experience with me.

      Bless you.

      1. I really appreciate your reply. It's just very confusing when you begin to search and find different methods. I do understand that it's what works best for us individually. What is your opinion Bhante Vimalaramsi Loving Kindness from Anapanasati Sutta. Your briefly mentioned Anapanasati on your first post.

        My problem is keeping the ugly thoughts out of my meditation to keep a state of mindfulness. With Bhante Vimalaramsi, it teaches to recognize and release those thoughts and return to my meditation state.

        You mention that mediation cannot be taught,only caught. I'm really trying to catch it !

        Thank You ! ! !

        1. Thanks for your reply.

          Bhante Vimalaramsi teaches meditation directly from the Suttas using the Pali Canon. He teaches by directly reading from the Suttas and expounding what they mean as he goes along. He follows the definitions and drills for meditation that was given by the Buddha to the original group of monks. But this is not helpful. He can teach you the Buddhism Philosophy, but he cannot teach you Meditation. I will say, NOBODY can teach you meditation. Meditation is not a thing to be taught.

          Teaching the meditation is like “LEARNING” a meditation “METHOD”.

          Now pay attention to this. Meditation is just a state of Being as you are. There is no need of learning that how to “BE”. Learning is just an opposite thing of meditation. Meditation is just like searching the UNCONDITIONED KNOWLEDGE. Learning cannot provide you this. It will only misguide you.

          The second word is METHOD. Method is a way to makes you mechanical. It makes you a machine. You just follow the rules like a machine. It is a different kind of slavery, and you do this because you think it will help you. How can you approach Meditation (Ultimate Freedom) with the help of Method (Slavery)?

          There are millions of meditation methods created by fools over the years. Anapanasti is one of those methods. It will not lead you to Meditation. If you will do this regularly, you will behave like a Buddha, you will walk like Buddha, eat like Buddha and Die like Buddha. You will just become a carbon copy of Buddha. But this method will not make you Enlightened. This method will not make you a Buddha.

          Just see, how stupid is this. You are learning methods and doing practice to become YOURSELF, to become as you ARE.

          Reply soon. Bless you.

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