Unanswerable Questions

Some questions are disturbing me since my childhood. Who created this world? Does god exist? What is the purpose of life? I know that these are stupid questions. But I always get confused by them. I have got so many answers for these questions from different people around the world, from every religion, but every answer creates more questions and more confusion in my mind. Sometimes these answers make me laugh too.

According to me life is a mystery. Nobody can solve this. Scientists are doing so much effort to solve this mystery. And they think that one day they will be able to solve it. They think that they will be able to answer all the questions of life. But I think that it is not possible. I don’t know whether readers are agreeing with me or not, but I just want to share my insights.

So many people say that god created this world. Now this answer creates a new question about the existence of god. People say that god created this world to help humanity. This is a really stupid logic. God created humanity to help humanity. What is the purpose of all this? What was the need to create? It can’t be an answer.

A few others say that god created this whole world because he was feeling very lonely. Can you believe this logic? Is it possible that god can feel lonely? I think that somebody who feels lonely cannot be a god. It creates another question in my mind that what was god doing before he created this world? For eternity he had remained alone, and then suddenly he started feeling lonely. I think it was one of the most foolish answers. And if he was feeling lonely that what was the need to create so many people.

Then there are some other people who say that it is god’s leela, god’s play. Now this is a limit. What kind of play is this? People are killing each other without any reason. Just remember about Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Changez Khan, Tamoorlung, Nadirshah, Aurangzeb etc. Just think about Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam, Kurdistan Workers Party, FARC of Colombia, Jamaat Ansar Al-Sunna etc. Millions and millions of people are being massacred and it is god’s play? If there is any god then I want to ask him that why he is playing this game. What he wants to prove? He must stop this game now. It is enough now. We are not able to see it anymore. What kind of god you are? Why are you torturing people? Are you really enjoying this? You are not god, you must be an evil.

These answers are not helping me.

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  1. Firstly, I don't think that these are stupid questions. These are very important questions, and answers to these questions can lead you to immortality or liberation. The Vedic scriptures encourage us to ask such questions in the aphorism : "Athato Brahma Jignyasa" meaning in the human form of life it is important to inquire about Brahman, the absolute truth.

    Who created this world? Well the scriptures tell us that God created this world by empowering living entities like Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma meditated upon the supreme God and performed many many austerities. Then he got power to create this universe.

    Why did he create this world? He created it for us. All the souls in this world have the tendency to be an independent enjoyer. Everyone wants his own space, his own family, his own house. Because we want to stay independently, God has created this world for us, because God respects our free will and as our father He is ready to provide us everything we want. In this world we can try to satisfy all our desires. He has made provision for everything. But we can never be really happy by staying away from Him. We can never be really satisfied without directly associating with Him. Only He has the potency to satisfy our soul completely. Nothing in this temporary world has the potential to satisfy our soul completely.

    God is never lonely. There are infinite souls serving and loving Him in his spiritual kingdom. He does not need us so badly. But still He is always eager to have us back with Him. We need Him badly. We can never be happy without Him. Still we never approach Him. To encourage us to come back, He has given us scriptures. Using the path of scriptures we can purify ourselves and go back to Him. We can be completely happy in this way.

    Unless we realize that the happiness in this world is insignificant and temporary, the violence will continue. The evil in this world is not because of God. He has given us free will. He has also given us the formula for peace. But we have neglected His instructions. We have forgotten how to love Him. And hence we are frustrated. In this frustration we are fighting like cats and dogs, we are killing each other. Darkness is because of absence of light. Evil is because of forgetting God. God is not torturing us. We are torturing ourselves by ignoring God's message. God does not want to prove anything. He just wants to love us and provide us everything we desire. In return He is only expecting genuine, unmotivated devotion. He is our father. Our father only needs our love and respect. He only needs a little obedience from us. Thats it. He is not evil. He is not enjoying when we suffer. He is suffering with us. He is staying in our hearts. He is trying His best to pick us up and liberate us. But it is important that we also cooperate with Him. We should also show our eagerness to serve Him and we should be enthusiastic to go back to Him.

  2. “It should be understood that all species of life, o son of Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed giving father” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 14.4)Lord Krishna has incarnated at least 9 times so far in the current cycle of creation. In each incarnation millions saw him. There is scientific evidence to prove that he existed 5000 years ago, as stated in the Vedic scriptures. Scientists have found the city where Lord Krishna lived in Dwarka, India, as described in the Vedic scriptures. NASA has taken satellite pictures of the bridge between India and Sri Lanka that Lord Krishna built in his Lord Ram incarnation, some 1.7 million years ago.

    Lord Krishna has a form just like a human being. Even the Christian Bible states that man is made in the image of God. This means that God is a person with two hands, 2 legs and so on. That person is lord krishna

  3. You are no one. This one line answers all your questions. Think over it again and again. This one line answers should remove all your doubts.

    And still your in 'doubt' about getting answers to your questions. You need some more time to understand this. Silence can be of help to understand this answer but not always.



  4. The whole world and whole life is mystery. By whom created this world is always confuse to scientist and every human being.What happen after death is also not known anybody else. Hence so many gurus open their shop. Each panth said our panth . guru is great.Our guru will be experience of that great energy power or god .some time we feel this is all type of ANDHSHRADHHA.All religious story people enjoy as a god roll. Fact is that when any evil event happen where this god disappeared. Why not same appeared and destroy who is responsible for that facts.

    How many days we are live with faithfully all story of purana efc.

    One interesting story I want share in this regard. My one good friend who is follower of Nirankari. one time he found motor cycle accident and injured the hand legs and some body part. After 15 day he was omitting continuously Now that time Doctor told your brain injured.You should do immediately operation of brain; because this is initial stage. otherwise case will be out of our hand .Due to frighten family member ready to do operation . But now four week passed away but that friend " s brain not working and till the mind is not working.

    Question is that If god present and person who is working only for good thing why god not help in this case?

    Why we are to live in false assumption.

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