Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the purest beings who have ever lived on this earth. He is the rarest phenomenon. Buddha is a scientist of inner world. He is absolutely a rationalist. His approach is purely logical, He convinces the mind. You cannot find any mistake in Him. He himself is the proof of what He is saying.

There is no need to be a religious person to travel with Buddha. There is no need to believe in god, soul or anything. With Buddha, by and by you will come to know all about god, soul and everything. But those are not hypotheses. No belief is required to be convinced by Buddha. You can come to Buddha with all your doubts possible. He will accept your every doubt. He will convince your mind, and once your mind is convinced and you start travelling with him, by and by you start feeling that He has a message which is beyond mind, He has a message which no reason can confine.

Buddha is not against any reason. It has to be understood in the very beginning. Krishna says to Arjuna, “Surrender to me, then you will be convinced.” But Buddha says, “Be convinced first, then surrender comes like a shadow. You need not worry about it.”

So many people think that Buddha is an atheist because He has never talked about god. But you cannot find more godly a person than Buddha. He has not talked about god because there is no way to talk about god. All talk about god is nonsense. Whatsoever you can say about god is going to be false. It is something that cannot be said. Other seers also say that nothing can be said about god, but at least they say this much, that nothing can be said about god. Buddha is really logical; He will not say even this, because He says, “Even to say that nothing can be said about god, you have said something. If you say, “God cannot be defined,” you have defined him in a negative way, that he cannot be defined. If you say, “Nothing can be said,” that too you are saying.” Buddha is strictly logical. He will not utter a single word. Buddha is not an atheist but He never talks about god. That’s why I say He is a rarity.

He brings many people to god; He brought more people than anybody else has done. Millions of people were brought to become godly in His presence, but He never uttered the word. Not only god, but even soul, self, He has no theory about it. He simply says, “I can show you the way how to go in. You go and see.” He says, “Buddhas can only indicate the path, they cannot provide you with a philosophy. You are there, go in and see.”

Buddha introduced many people, millions of people, to the inner world, but in a very rational way.

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  1. Why did Budha not solve the univarsal question 'Is there any existance of God in this world? '

    Your artical is a very heart touching and eco-ing .

    I admire your efforts…….

    1. Gautam Buddha had to deny that God existed — not that he was against God, a man like Gautam Buddha cannot be against God. And if Gautam Buddha is against God, then it is of no use for anybody to be in favor of God. His decision is decisive for the whole of humanity, he represents our very soul. But he was not against God. He was against your ego, and he was constantly careful not to give your ego any support to remain. If God can become a support, then there is no God.

  2. Hey DUDU , It was grt reading your article, I liked it very much and the whole article seems to be 'a very beautiful Single letter word'

  3. What I see many do, is try to apply what was taught thousands of years ago to now WITHOUT including what was taught in between. I believe that the Soul who was incarnate as Krishna was also incarnate as Moses and then incarnate as Gautam Buddha who then was incarnate as Jesus and then showed up, because he didn’t die but took his body with him, in Kashmir or thereabouts because Jesus said he had “another fold” to tend to who would be brought together with him upon his return, which I believe already took place in the names of Ti and Do where Do was that same Soul on the final incarnation for their “garden” project. Thus for the culture of India They, these Living Beings who are Above Human during that time in India when the Buddha awakened to his task of bringing the humans there up a notch in their possible progression towards “graduation” (as the garden is also a school), talking about whether there was a “supreme being” (God) brought a relative answer from the Buddha based on what he felt would help that potential student move to their next grade in school. As the stories go, which are not included in this little article, when an atheist asked the Buddha if there was a God, the Buddha said, “yes”. In the case when a Rama devotee who believed there was a God, asked him if there was a God, he said, “No”. Both answers challenge the student to open their minds to what they don’t know and both responses were honest from the Buddha because of how little ability there was to accurately define what was meant by “god” anyway.

    Now the author of this piece used a comparison between what Krishna and Buddha said. It went like this: Krishna says to Arjuna, “Surrender to me, then you will be convinced.” But Buddha says, “Be convinced first, then surrender comes like a shadow. You need not worry about it.”

    I believe these are both saying the same thing as “to surrender means you are already convinced” but it’s in degrees of course. One is convinced enough to surrender. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t have questions and doubts about the other. It simply means one is willing to put aside their doubts enough to see if they can be resolved. They are willing to “change their mind” from what they previously thought, which is the definition of “repentance”. No growth of a Mind can occur if something doesn’t change and that change doesn’t have to reverse a previous understanding, it can simply add to that previous understanding, broadening it. So yes, one must be convinced enough first which is the same thing that Jesus was teaching when saying, one needs to believe in me, which by belief he was saying meant “abide in his teachings”. In other words, live his behavior and ways. Do the work. This has become so twisted nowadays, if I say that to many Christians they it’s saying you have to earn your way to belief/studentship to the one who was incarnate as Jesus and they often think that’s like saying you can get to heaven on your own steam, a total misunderstanding of what Jesus was saying by “surrendering to him” as Jesus like the Buddha and like Krishna were teachers to “show humans the way, the path” and they did that by being an example by doing the path themselves. Many don’t want to hear this. They think he did it for us, that is “overcame the world” so we don’t have to, as if we are so great that we get a free ride just because we say the magic words of I believe. And yet, belief in a current representative from the Level Above Human as I say Ti and Do were both, where the Woman, Ti was the same soul who was the Father and Jehovah and probably Vishnu and Do was her “son” may save one’s soul body after they die if they believed they were who they said they were while they were incarnate. And then that saved soul body would be brought back for a new opportunity to further overcome their humanness. But belief includes more than lip service, as Jesus also said but I’ve already overflowed this text box.

  4. I believe truth and simplicity always flow together. Truth is not complicated; it is easily grasped and readily understood by all who seek. In our modern day, many have become forever lost in complex interpretations which they have fervently come to hold to as truth. Both Buddha and Christ of old left us with simple truths, and these truths alone will sustain us in our walk toward and along side of them. Trouble always arises when we decide to mix such simple established truths with modern day interpretations. Hence we become lost in other worlds, sometimes never to find a way out. What’s worse is when we lead others astray.

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